CCO Haul!

I today I went to the North Georgia Premium Outlets in Dawsonville, GA. I have been wanting to go ever since I found out there was a Cosmetic Company Outlet aka CCO. As many of you may know, the CCO carries MAC, Estee Lauder, Bobbie Brown, Clinique, Origins & a few other brands. I was most excited about MAC, in fact that is all I really looked at when I was there. I found lots of great items & it was really hard to pick & choose what I was going to purchase.

Lancome Photogenic Loose Powder, Lane Bryant Polish in Green, MAC Upstarts: Flawess Set (Soft & Gentle MSF, Charged Water & Cleanse-Off Oil), Buddy Up Mineralized Blush, Hot Planet Mineralized Blush, Perennial High Style Lipglass, Summer Rose Beauty Powder, 6 Sorceress Eye Shadows Palette, Soft Force Eyeshadow & Lancome Sunset Gleam.

I ended up with a nice assortment of item. I was really happy to see lots of items from past collections, especially Liberty of London!

Here are some close-up shots!

MAC Buddy Up Mineralized Blush – Too Fabulous Collection (Launched 3/10)

MAC Hot Planet Mineralized Blush – Grand Dous Collection (Launched 3/09)

MAC Summer Rose Beauty Powder – Liberty of London Collection (Launched 3/10)

MAC Soft Force Eyeshadow – Style Warriors Collection (Launched 5/09)

MAC 6 Soceress Eye Shadows – Magic, Mirth & Mischief (Launched Holiday 2009)

MAC Soft & Gentle Mineralized Skin Finish – Permanent Line

MAC Perennial High Style – Liberty of London (Launched 3/10)

Lane Bryant Nail Color – Green (looks more like a teal than green lol)

Lancome Sunset Gleam Eyeshadow

I definitely plan to go back again sometime soon! I actually have 2 CCO’s within an hour of where I live, sounds like trouble to me! 🙂



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