Urban Decay Vice Palette Swatches

OMG. I went to Macy’s after work today to pick up more foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear is where it’s at!) and I just happened to stumble across the new Urban Decay Vice palette. I JUST heard about this palette 2 days ago and everything I have been seeing said that it would not be releasing anywhere other than the Times Square Sephora for a few weeks. I was stoked and knew I was not leaving Macy’s without it.

The palette is priced at $59, which works out to less than $3 per shadow, so you are definitely getting your bang for you buck on this one. The colors are absolutely beautiful. It has a nice mix of neutrals and brights, as well as several different finishes. In my opinion this is the best palette presentation that Urban Decay has put together in a long time. Everything is on point, the only color that I had issues with was provocateur. It was a little flaky. I think this will be less of an issue when used over primer. Also, so happy that these are all new colors. It is nice not to get my 4th Smog in yet another palette lol.

Urban Decay says: “A purists homage to eyeshadows, this gorgeously luxe palette is loaded with twenty NEW, EXCLUSIVE, and achingly beautiful shades in our velvety , revamped formula. From the jewel inlaid, soft and touchable case, to the double-ended Good Karma brush and a lid that  opens slowly for a decadent presentation, no luxurious detail has been overlooked.”

Let’s take a look at the pics:
Swatches:The packaging is perfect. It is unlike any other UD packaging I have ever seen. It has a rubberized plastic finish, so no worry about fingerprints. It also features the same faceted Urban Decay logo that was on the front of the 15th Anniversary palette. The lid is attached and snaps closed. The palette is also not overly thick so it should store easily.
The palette also comes with a double-ended brush, one for shading the other for blending and crease work, so it would be the perfect palette for traveling.The backside of the outer box:Here is a size comparison to the 15th Anniversary palette for reference:Do you plan on adding this palette to your collection?


4 thoughts on “Urban Decay Vice Palette Swatches

    • I have both palettes and the only two that I find to be comparable to each other are Deep End and Unhinged. Honestly those two really do still have some differences that make having both colors not a problem. The neutrals in the Vice Palette are also much nicer and versatile IMO than the colors in the 15th anniversary palette.

    • There is a girl on youtube that swatches these two specific palettes for comparison and it appears that there are 4/5 nearly identical shades. I don’t have the 15th anniv. one though I do have the Vice as well as 6 others and I can say that all the “dupes” do not do the Vice justice. They maybe cousins, but certainly not dupes per se. But if I had the 15th anniv. I would skip this one and get something different (smoked?). I’ll try to find the video.

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