MAC for Marilyn Pics & Swatches

MAC for Marilyn collection released online yesterday morning a little before 8am. Almost every item was sold out within 1 hour of release. I am so thankful for my friends in my makeup group, as we all stalked that site and just about everyone got their order in prior to the sell out.


I picked up Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder, Legendary blush, Pure Zen lipstick, & Love Goddess Lipstick. I opted for super-fast overnight shipping because I just could wait to get my hands on everything lol. Iam loving everything that I bought, with the exception of Love Goddess. It is much more red-based than I thought it was going to be. It is a lovely color, but I had hoped to see more of the pink that was described. Overall it is just not a color that I feel I will wear. I did not swatch it in the post because I will be listing it (and the backup I purchased) in a blogsale or for swap on MUA.

Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder – Insanely hard to get the color in the compact to photography properly, so I had to up the saturation to try to get something close. This highlighter is very light & subtle. It gives off a lovely sheen, no shimmer/glitter in sight. I almost didn’t purchase this, but had a change of heart at the last minute. Love it!

Legendary Blush – I absolutely LOVE this color. It is a perfect peachy-pink. Very nice color to add to any collection & I feel it will probably work for most light/medium skin tones.

Pure Zen lipstick – This is a nice neutral shade. It is newly available in the permanent line, but was released as part of the Marilyn collection in LE packaging. I added the color to my want list when it first launched & decided to pick it up with this order. I was going to save myself $1.50 and just get it in the regular tube, put decided after seeing more pics of the packaging to go for the Marilyn version. I am really glad that I did since I won’t be keeping Love Goddess. At least I will have one Marilyn tube in my collection 🙂

Love Goddess lipstick – Sorry for the lack of swatch. I want to keep it BNIB for when I swap/sell it. I really wanted to love this color as it was my first lemming in the Marilyn collection. I was very sad to see how red it is. I don’t do reds all that often, but when I do, the deeper shades tend to look better on me. I was hoping to see more of the pink in this.

What did you pick up from the MAC for Marilyn collection?


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