Makeup Storage Update!

I have had the Ikea MALM vanity for about a year & a half. You can find the info & pictures of my original setup here. I love it dearly, but I needed additional storage due to the size of my makeup collection. I added a set of sterilte drawers & a few accessories from the office storage area of Target shortly after getting the vanity. The drawers worked ok, but the longer I used them, the less sturdy the unit became. After looking at more vanity setups I came across the beauty that is the ALEX 9 drawer unit. I swear I heard angels the first time I saw it being used as makeup storage. It was exactly what I was looking for, as the white lacquer finish & sleek squared drawers matched the MALM vanity perfectly. The hubs made a trek to IKEA Thursday night and picked one up for me. It took around 2 hours to assemble & then I spent another hour on top of that reorganizing my stash. I am SO happy with the finished product.

P1010456 P1010458P1010474 P1010459



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